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Film Thickness measurements

Film thickness and deposition rate were measured in-situ during depositions and after evaporation too. Dynamic weigh system MSV-1843/A by MIKI-FFV based on detuning of silicon oscillator was used. The density of the evaporated As-S system was essential to determine the film thickness. This data was taken from [24,54] and adjusted slightly due to higher structural disorder in as-evaporated thin films. A mechanical profilometer Tencor P2 equipped with diamond tip was used to determine film thickness after film deposition as well. To avoid any doubts, the Metricon 2010 prism coupler was used to control deposited film thickness. It uses the principle of coupling and decoupling (ergo waveguiding mode) of laser beam into investigated film. It employs prism and pneumatically operated coupling head. The film thickness was also controlled by AFM microscopy. This method is described later in the text.

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